Robin Padilla Reveals How Mariel Padilla Prepared Him For Senate

Mariel Padilla did this for the Senate stint of Robin Padilla

Senator-elect Robin Padilla revealed how his wife celebrity vlogger Mariel Padilla prepared him for Senate.

Mariel has been very supportive of her husband’s political endeavor. She tirelessly earns money to support the financial needs of Robin’s candidacy. Fortunately, the action star has received support from different sectors of society which led to his success.

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In a recent interview, based on the report from Inquirer, Robin said that he is ready to do his duties as a Senator “100 percent.” The actor-turned-politician said that his wife contributed to his preparedness.

In jest, Robin Padilla said that debating his wife made him prepared for Senate. However, he did not reveal the topics of their debate. “If only they would let me assume office now, I am ready. I am used to having debates every day, only it’s with my wife,” he shared.

The neophyte lawmaker also said that his conversation with his English-speaking kids also sharpened his skill in communicating in English.

Mariel Padilla Robin Padilla

In a more serious tone, Robin said that he is optimistic that he will be able to fulfill his duties as a lawmaker. On the other hand, he is promoting the Filipino language in the Senate. “Una, hindi naman Amerikano mga kaharap ko para mag-English ako. Siguro kung Amerikano,” the Senator-elect said.

Robin also said that his English-speaking skill will not be a problem during sessions and hearings in the Senate and this is because of the lessons he gets from his kids.

Previously, the Senator-elect shared on his social media post that he will hire Salvador Panelo, former Chief Presidential Legal Counsel and Presidential Spokesperson of President Rodrigo Duterte, to be his legislative consultant and mentor.

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