Mariel Padilla is simply a Fendi Peekaboo fan

Celebrity vlogger Mariel Padilla, who is now one of the celebrity online sellers, showcased her Fendi Peekaboo bag collection for her recent YouTube vlog.

Mariel has been showing her collection of luxury items in her closet through her online selling sessions. Aside from her food business, live selling has become another source of profit for her. She has been known for doing lively videos as she showcases the beautiful and expensive that she bought in the past.

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For her recent vlog, the mother of two shared with her viewers the 22 Fendi Peekaboo bags that she currently owns. At first, Mariel Padilla thought that she only had 21 but before the video ended, she showed that there was still one that was not included.

The former Pinoy Big Brother host revealed the reason why she started collecting this bag model from the luxury brand. She said that it was because of South Korean superstar Song Hye Kyo. The K-Drama actress’s character was using the Fendi Peekaboo bag in the series Now We Are Breaking Up.

Mariel shared that at first, she thought the Hye Kyo was using Hermes Kelly but when she researched, she found out that it was Fendi Peekaboo. The wife of Senator-elect Robin Padilla admitted that using Fendi Peekaboo feels like she is using Hermes Kelly but she can’t afford the latter.

Because of that, she has collected two dozens of Fendi Peekaboo. However, Mariel said that there’s more. “Pero meron pa pong mga paparating (laugh). Yes, I’m expecting, I think two or three more,” the celebrity vlogger revealed.

Mariel Padilla also revealed that among her collection of Fendi Peekaboo bags, only one was store-bought, the rest came from online sellers as well. Know more about the collection of Mariel in this video.

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