Past Perfect Tense Examples and How To Use Them In A Sentence Correctly

Here are some past perfect tense examples. Check out below!

PAST PERFECT TENSE EXAMPLES – Understanding the past perfect tense and some examples of this used in a sentence.

Verbs in English are action words and it has many tenses being used in a sentence. These tenses indicate the time the action has been done. And the past perfect tense of a verb indicates the action that happened at a certain point in the past. Simply speaking, it is the action done already before another action has taken place.

Past Perfect Tense

This particular tense is also called a pluperfect tense. You use this when telling an action in the past before another past action. There are also cases where one doesn’t have to particularly state the event but the context should imply it. We also use this to inform someone about something. This is also used in conditional statements – these statements use the word “If”.

The formula is: had + [past participle].

Here are some sample sentences:

  1. I didn’t eat anything for dinner because I had eaten a huge meal an hour before.
  2. Toni had supported him from the start even before the internet discovered him.
  3. With a quick look, one can already tell that they had already seen the movie.
  4. Joe told me that his mother had bought him a cat yesterday.
  5. Dos claimed that the can had broken the vase in the living room.
  6. If I had studied harder, I could have topped the class.
  7. We could have avoided this problem if he had revealed the truth from the start.

When not to use this tense? When trying to convey a sequence of events as it may cause confusion.


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