Vice Ganda Asks Kylie Verzosa: “Nagalit ka sa kanya?”

This is the heart-touching conversation of Vice Ganda and Kylie Verzosa.

VICE GANDA – Slightly touching on specific topics, Vice Ganda and Kylie Verzosa had a great exchange of thoughts about moving on.

Was it just a normal thing or a sign that a relationship must end? This is the question asked to Kylie randomly that hit a spot on her emotions. This was asked amid rumors of a split with Jake Cuenca and in a previous article, when asked this question, Kylie shed tears on live airing. She kept saying sorry but without explanation, people understood that she was going through something.

Last April, Cuenca confirmed a split with Kylie putting an end to all the rumors. He posted a photo and confirmed that their split was a mutual decision.

And this is the same thoughts Kylie echoed during a heart-to-heart conversation with Vice Ganda in the latter’s latest vlog. Kylie was genuine, honest, and sincere in the video. She admitted that everything’s fresh and the pain is still there. But despite everything, she’s happy with her decision.

She shared that if she will be given to change anything or wish for anything, she’d still go for the same thing and still come up with the same decision. Moving on for Kylie was a long process. She is trying all these things one at a time and she is trying to be okay.

As for their relationship, she admitted that she already thought he was the one but she was wrong. She had no regrets about it though. They loved each other and they lived life. They grew together as individuals and stressed that Jake is great as a person.

There’s no “sayang” in their relationship and she did not feel anything bad or negative emotion or feeling towards him. She accepted everything slowly. She is trying to live by again by herself and although hard, she is trying. She tries to put things back together in her life after she moved out of his place.

In the three-year run of their relationship, there’s a phase that they have lived together in his place for work purposes. And answering the question above, she doesn’t know yet if what transpired was a sign or not because she’s just still in the process.

She understands the limit of her understanding but she believes that in time, her uncertainties will be answered eventually.

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