Numerous Passengers Troop Bus Terminals Ahead of Election Day

Numerous Passengers Troop Bus Terminals a Few Days Before 2022 Election

Numerous passengers from various towns have trooped to different bus terminals ahead of Election Day.

Over the past few days, Filipino voters have been very making preparations for the upcoming 2022 national and local elections. Some people were even busy endorsing their political candidates.

Several Filipinos are already excited to make their votes for the upcoming elections. Some of the countrymen were already returning to their respective homes to prepare for the 2022 elections.

Election Day

On Saturday (May 7, 2022), a massive amount of commuters trooped to various bus terminals in Quezon City two days before the much-awaited national and local elections. Most of the passengers are heading to the north.

However, many of the passengers have been waiting to get a ride at the terminal for about five hours. Some of them even sleep at the terminal while other commuters consumed their meal while waiting for vacant buses.

According to the management of bus terminals, the bus operations continue every 20 minutes while the interval is one hour. The bus firms even provide an additional ride with routes Pangasinan and Baguio City.

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Commuters can also choose alternative public transport vehicles such as UV express. The government is expecting the situation to get worse as the 2022 poll approaches.

Filipino people are hoping for a clean and peaceful election.

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