Cat Arambulo Lambasted, Shares Why She Backed Out From Meet-Up

BBM supporter Cat Arambulo was lambasted online because of this.

CAT ARAMBULO – Social media influencer Cat Arambulo gets lambasted online and this is the reason why she back out from meeting other BBM supporters.

During the height of the pandemic in 2020, influencer Cat Arambulo was criticized following her insensitive comments about commuters who still go out amid coronavirus threats. She was lambasted because she was not thinking that not everyone is like her who can just sit pretty in her huge house for safety, get secured, and still be able to eat and survive even without going out to work.

She called the people she saw on her wide-screened television “tigas ng ulo” because they still kept on going out. She was criticized because she lacked compassion and understanding for the poor people who still need to thrive to earn money. Sure it’s not her fault why these people are still poor but it doesn’t cost much to understand why. Not everyone is rich and privileged like her. Many people stressed she’s out-of-touch of the reality.

And just recently, after making an announcement to meet up with other BBM supporters like her in a mall, she was the one who did not show up. Accordingly, she just had surgery the reason why she was not able to attend the supposed to be a special meet-up with her fellow BBM supporters.

She added that the announcement she made was just her way to help her friend spread the word. She expressed, “And as far as I know, it was suppose to be a day that the BBM supporters would eat, shop, and just wear red to meet other fellow supporters.”

The comment section of her post was limited and only those comments from her followers who share the same political stand as hers were accepted.

See some comments below:

“…chose not to appear when she knew they were outnumbered??”

“Pinks now occupying the LGF of Rockwell, reds were at Cafe Mediterranean but left to go up…”

“…like her presidential candidate, is absent. That’s the tweet.”

“I suggest she’d stay at home and create more headbands to cover her face.”

“…look what you did and not show any accountability for this?”


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