BBM To Become Unifying President, Says Imee Marcos

BBM To Become Unifying President If He Wins 2022 Election According To Sister

UNIFYING PRESIDENT – Senator Imee Marcos said that if her brother, Bongbong Marcos (BBM) wins the 2022 elections, he would become a unifying president.

Much like most countries, the Philippines has more than its fair share of political disputes and rivalries. Currently, among the biggest is BBM Vs Vice President Leni Robredo.

As such, many are divided between BBM and Leni. However, according to Imee, this would change if his brother wins the elections.

BBM To Become Unifying President, Says Imee Marcos

During an interview with ABS-CBN, Imee said that BBM plans to have an open dialogue with his critics. She said that BBM would like to address the “open wounds” caused by their father, Ferdinand Marcos.

However, Imee emphasized that it had been ages since the Martial Law era of their father. “I can’t speak for my brother but the truth is, so much time has passed. At the end of the day, history will judge us and this is a new era“, said Imee.

Furthermore, Imee highlighted that the only way to properly fight off climate change and the pandemic is to unify. Additionally, she says that the unified Philippines would lead to economic and social development in the country.

So, as trite as that may sound, I think that’s what my brother’s answer would be“, adds the Senator.

Among the many issues critics have with Marcos is his refusal to apologize for the human rights violations during his father’s Martial Law. But, BBM and his camp had long elaborated that the sins of the father cannot be passed down to his son. Still, despite this, Marcos and his camp are met with massive support.

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