Meryll Soriano Shares Story Behind Her “Mama Meme” Nickname

Meryll Soriano has always been playing a “motherly” role

Actress Meryll Soriano shared the story behind her “Mama Meme” nickname that has been used by her friends ever since she was a student.

Meryll has portrayed different roles in front of the camera since she was young as she grew up in the entertainment industry. Amid the pandemic, the actress shared that she really intended not to accept acting jobs, based on the article in The Philippine Star.

meryll soriano
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She focused her time on taking care of her children, Eli and Gido. However, Meryll Soriano decided to do vlogging as well, just like many celebrities have done already. At first, she would post her bonding moments with Eli who is now 11 years old. She called their vlogs The Curious Two.

Eventually, Meryll ventured into motherly content as she started her Dear Mama Meme video content that is now more focused on motherhood, parenting, and topics about family.

Through this kind of content, Meryll can be her real self in front of the camera, although she still loves acting. “I try my best na yung content ko ay very substantial  — about motherhood, parenting, family … doon talaga ako nag-fofocus.  I really try to still have a private life kahit na ang hirap sa digital content creation,” the mother of two said.

Then, Meryll shared the story behind “Mama Meme”. She said that it all started when she was still part of the volleyball varsity team. Her teammates came up with that nickname for her as they would always run to her for help.

“Natural yata sa akin yung nurturing.  Kaya Mama Meme din yung tawag sa akin ng mga mas nakababatang co-actors ko, mga P.A., ganun,” Meryll Soriano said. She also shared that through her Dear Mama Meme vlogs, she is able to multitask. She can do vlogging and at the same doing her duties as a mother. Meryll can also do a bit of acting in her vlogs.

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