Chaotic Scene Between Customers at Ukay-Ukay Store Goes Viral

Video of Chaotic Scene Between Customers at Ukay-Ukay Store Elicits Reactions Online

The video footage of a chaotic scene between customers at ukay-ukay store in Davao Oriental goes viral online.

Ukay-ukay is a type of store in the Philippines selling secondhand products including clothes, bags, shoes and other accessories at a cheaper price. Most items sold at the  ukay-ukay usually came from North American or European countries.

The term ukay-ukay is derived from the Cebuano word ukay, which means “to dig” or “to sift through” respectively. The first ukay-ukay was believed to have started as early as 1980s in Baguio.

A Facebook user named Maricel Mejos Mancao-Demafeliz has shared the video footage of a chaotic scene between customers at her ukay-ukay store. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that a lot of customers trooped at her store to purchase various types of clothes. The customers were grabbing all the products they can handle causing a chaotic scene inside the store.

Demafeliz placed her products on sale and offered many items at “Bagsak Presyo”. The non-refusable offer attracts a lot of customer at the store. The products were ranging from P25, 35 and P55.

According to the ukay-ukay owner, the customers trooped her store and the commotion started right after opening the shop.

The video has a caption:

Lupon Market Day ARAT NA sa Maricel’s Ukay-ukayan, Lupon Davao Oriental

#bagongbukasbundle #ukay-ukay lng sakalam ”

Ukay-Ukay Store

The social media users expressed their reactions to the video:

Ukay-Ukay Store

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