Ukay-Ukay Worth P2.3 Billion Seized By BOC in Valenzuela City

Ukay-Ukay, Counterfeit Clothes Worth P2.3 Billion Seized By BOC

UKAY-UKAY SEIZED – The Bureau of Customs (BOC) managed to seize over P2.3 billion worth of second-hand imported clothes or “Ukay-Ukay” in Valenzuela City.

For the longest time, “ukay-ukay” has been the go-to for millions of Filipinos when searching for a new look. The vast array of selections of clothing had become so popular to Filipinos that despite being technically illegal, the industry still thrives.

However, the BOC had recently raided a warehouse in Mayzan, Valenzuela with tons of clothes including counterfeit luxury items, face masks, and other imported items. According to an article from Inquirer, a letter of authority had been issued by the BOC Commissioner, Rey Guerrero.

Ukay-Ukay Worth P2.3 Billion Seized By BOC in Valenzuela City

With this, an inspection on the warehouse was conducted. Afterward, the Manila International Container Port (MICP) District Collector Romeo Rosales issued a Warrant of Seizure and Detention. Due to the items found inside the warehouse, the operators were charged with violation of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA).

Meanwhile, aside from its “illegal” nature, Rosales warned that the industry of ukay-ukay may have a negative effect on the buyer’s health and the local clothing industry of the Philippines. Moreover, he assured that his office would remain vigilant in stopping the trade of prohibited goods.

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