Miss Universe Candidates Messages For Miss Ukraine Amid Conflict

Amid the conflict, Miss Universe candidates reach out to Miss Universe Ukraine 2021 Hannah Neplyakh.

MISS UNIVERSE – Beauty queens of Miss Universe pageant send messages of support and prayers for Hannah Neplyakh amid war.

Currently, Ukraine is pure devastation over the attacks of Russia may it be in the land, air, or sea. President Vladimir Putin announced war and the world is now threatened that World War 3 might take place. The hearts of many people go out to the victims and civilians who are greatly affected by this battle.

The number of deads climbs. While Ukraine has already admitted to losing over a hundred civilians and soldiers, Russia has not yet and both claimed already that they have inflicted heavy losses towards the other. Putin, after his declaration of war, warned outsiders in a dramatic televised address to not interfere or else, those who would, will have “consequences you have never seen”.

And sharing her devastation is Miss Universe Ukraine 2021 Hannah Neplyakh. In an Instagram post, she shared that she woke up at 5 at five in the morning due to the sound of the gunshots.


She wrote, “I would never have thought that living in a civilized society where everyone is shouting about diplomacy, I would write a message to my loved ones ‘the war has begun’. Russia launched a full-scale war against Ukraine.”

And with this, several beauty queens reached out to her to express support and prayers.

Check out below:

Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Beatrice Luigi Gomez

Miss Universe Beatrice Luigi Gomez

Miss Colombia Valeria Ayos

Miss Universe Valeria Ayos

Miss El Salvador Alejandra Gavidia

Miss Universe Alejandra Gavidia

Amid the invasion, EU and UK have imposed personal sanctions on President Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. The west is targetting Russia’s economy after the president announced a full-scale war. Germany also held the approval of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, a major investment for Russia and European companies.

The US also targetted Russia’s biggest financial institutions so they’ll struggle to do financial transactions may it be in dollars or euros. The UK froze the major Russian banks and the country’s national airline Aeroflot is now banned to land in the UK.


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