JC De Vera Trends As He Burns BBM Supporters, Chooses VP Leni

JC DE VERA – Kapamilya actor JC De Vera directly turned down supporters of BBM as he made his stand to support VP Leni robredo.

This year’s election is very controversial. Not only because it is pandemic but also because of the fact that the late dictator’s son is running for the highest position in the country. Such has created a loud buzz online and while others were scared that he does not meet the qualifications of being president, there were also many who still believe and would like to gamble their vote despite the corrupt history of his family. They believe he’s different from his dictator father.

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And during elections, celebrities are the persons these aspiring politicians are running to. The fame and influence of a celebrity who will endorse them will make an impact and boost their image to the public. This means that their chance to win will also be boosted.

Just recently, trending on Twitter is famous Kapamilya actor JC De Vera. This is after he made a peace sign on television – a sign that is used by BBM and his supporters. Because of this, many people assumed that he is silently expressing his support to BBM by doing that but the actor was quick to clarify things and end their assumptions.

Directly, he said “nope” to the people who have this assumption and immediately made his stand online. He is supporting Vice President Leni Robredo, the greatest rival of BBM. This strong proclamation has cut short the happiness of BBM supporters who thought that they have an additional celebrity on their side supporting their president.

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