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Jodi Sta Maria Talks About Her Father She Has Never Met

Jodi Sta Maria Talks About Her Father She Has Never Met

Jodi Sta Maria was asked about her father

Kapamilya actress Jodi Sta Maria, during a recent interview on Karen Davila’s YouTube channel, talked about her father whom she never met.

In the said interview, the viewers can see the deeper side of Jodi. She talked about her past marriage that did not work out and how the time came when she was able to forgive and established a good relationship with her ex-husband and his family now.

Jodi Sta Maria

Jodi also mentioned that she is also wishing to enter into marriage again with the “right person”. The actress also shared glimpses of her journey in showbiz.

At one point, Karen Davila asked Jodi Sta Maria about her father. The actress said that when she was young, it was not a big deal for her back then that she has no father. It is because their mother told her that her father was abroad for his work.

It was when Jodi reached the age of 14 when she started asking where her father was. She said that it was just later on knew what happened between her mother and father.

My mom was 3 or 4 months pregnant with me when my dad left her,” Jodi share. When she was already in showbiz, she was able to have a connection that would eventually lead to identifying her dad.

She searched online for whatever she could find. The actress found a person who told her to go to a certain website and she was able to see her name in a family tree. Through that, she was able to know the face of her father. Jodi asked her mom for confirmation and the latter said that it was indeed her father. It took her 10 years to put the puzzle together.

Unfortunately, Jodi Sta Maria was not able to meet her father because at that time he already passed away. “When I found out, he has long gone. He passed away 2001,” the actress shared.

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