Mayor Sara Duterte Not in Favor of Restrictions on Unvaccinated Persons

Mayor Sara Duterte Speaks on the Limitations Set for Unvaccinated Residents of Some Areas in PH

MAYOR SARA DUTERTE – The Davao City Mayor and vice-presidential aspirant is not in favor of the restrictions on the unvaccinated persons.

Alert Level 3 is currently implemented in Metro Manila following the rise in the daily recorded cases of COVID-19 in several cities in the capital region. The increase in the cases is attributed to the activities of the people during the holiday season.

The current COVID-19 surge came amid the threats of a new variant, the Omicron that was first logged in South Africa. It was reported to be a “heavily mutated” variant of the virus. Several countries implemented travel restrictions to prevent the entry of the said variant of concern but it still spread fast.

The Philippines is one of the nations with confirmed cases of the Omicron variant. Amid the Omicron threat and the rising cases of COVID-19, the mayors in Metro Manila agreed to temporarily put restrictions on the mobility of the unvaccinated residents.

Mayor Sara Duterte
Photo: The Manila Times

Several key officials in the different government agencies and departments showed support for the said policy for the unvaxxed individuals. They even proposed its nationwide implementation.

On the other side, there are also key authorities who are against the said restrictions on unvaccinated persons. One of them is Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, Mayor Sara Duterte is not in favor of the restrictions on unvaccinated persons citing that the government did not make the vaccination mandatory thus the people have a choice. She stressed that the unvaxxed individuals “should not be discriminated” because they were given an option.

“Why will we make it difficult for people na pumiling hindi magpabakuna na wala namang sinabi na mandatory ang bakuna,” she expressed.

Based on the report, Mayor Duterte expressed that the unvaxxed residents can really be limited inside their residence if they were not given the option to choose whether they will be vaccinated or not and they opted the latter. She clarified that she is in favor of the vaccination but she cannot agree with the restrictions on unvaccinated persons.

Currently, Davao City already has 1.16 million fully vaccinated residents. They only need a few more to get to the herd immunity which requires them to have 1.2 million fully vaccinated people.

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