VIDEO: Gerald Anderson Buys Julia Barretto Rolex Watch For Christmas

Here’s Julia Barretto’s Reaction After Receiving Rolex Watch From Boyfriend Gerald Anderson

GERALD ANDERSON – Check out Julia Barretto’s reaction after receiving a Rolex watch from her boyfriend Gerald Anderson.

Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson’s relationship may have gotten off to a controversial start but the Fil-Am actor says Julia is “the one.” He even said that he would marry her if it were only up to him.

“She’s the one,” Anderson said, responding to King of Talk Boy Abunda in an interview on his Youtube channel. He also responded to a question from the veteran host about whether he would marry the young actress. Anderson said his girlfriend has a lot to do before settling down.

Photo Source: @andersongeraldjr IG

During the virtual presscon for a glutathione brand she’s endorsing, Julia Barretto shared that she has become more “matipid” with her money. She said she knows how to handle money now because she’s the one earning and spending it.

The 24-year-old celebrity also revealed that she gifted herself an expensive watch for Christmas. She shared that it was a reward after two years of hard work.

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Photo Source: Youtube

It can be recalled that Gerald Anderson was present at the Barretto Family’s Christmas Eve celebration back in 2021. He has been praised for his well-thought-out gifts for Julia Barretto’s family. Netizens called him a “listener” after watching Marjorie Barretto’s Christmas Eve vlog.

In the video, you can see Julia’s reaction to the gift she received from her boyfriend. She said it was her first Rolex. It can be seen in the video that the actress is very happy with her new wristwatch.

Photo Source: Youtube

Watch the video below (16:22 hit mark):

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