Raging Woman Slaps Policeman During Confrontation at Mall’s Entrance

Video of Raging Woman Slapping Policeman During Confrontation at Mall’s Entrance Earns Criticisms Online

The video footage of a raging woman who slapped a policeman during a confrontation at the mall’s entrance elicits comments online.

The Facebook page “Manila Police District Dance Fitness Team” has shared the video footage of a raging woman who slapped a policeman outside a mall. The video goes viral and garnered various reactions from the netizens.

In the video, it can be seen that the raging lady is assaulting the police officer for an unidentified reason at the front of a mall’s entrance. The woman is expressing her fury during the altercation.

Raging Woman

The woman’s colleague tried to stop her but he got scolded for doing it. The angry lady slapped the cop in uniform without any hesitation and repeatedly attacked him for a couple of times.

However, the patient police officer remained calm and still able to manage the situation. He observe maximum tolerance and did not let his emotion drive him out. He even tried to calm the female customer.

The cop shows as a good example to the public for being calm and relax despite the tension. The public praised the policeman for observing maximum tolerance and performing his job properly.

The video has a caption of:

Baka po may nakakakilala sa ating PULIS na nasampal. This happens sa ROBINSON SANTIAGO ISABELA Please message our page po Salute to our Police Officer who manage to have his fullest MAXIMUM TOLERANCE pero hindi natin DAPAT ito palagpasin para hindi po matularan Please help us find our POLICE OFFICER

The online community lambasted the woman for her act of cruelty towards the cop:

Raging Woman

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