Raging Woman Rants Inside Hospital for Having No Doctor to Assist Her Pregnant Cousin to Give Birth

A raging woman expresses her fury towards hospital employees for having no doctor to assist her pregnant cousin.

Hospital is a health care institution providing treatment with specialized medical and nursing staff and medical equipment for the patients. This medical facility aims to save lives and help patients to obtain their optimum health.

The health institution should prioritize the wellness and lives of their patients. It should never ran out of medical personnel who could provide health care towards the sick patients.

Raging Woman

The Facebook page “LANAO DEL NORTE WORLDWIDE NETWORK“ has shared the video footage of a raging woman lambasting the hospital employees for having no doctor at a time of emergency.

In the video, it can be heard that a desperate woman is raging of the hospital while lambasting the hospital workers. She is looking for a doctor to assist her pregnant cousin to give birth but there are no available doctor during that time.

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Raging Woman

The woman’s pregnant cousin is already suffering from birth pain and about to give birth but no doctor had shown up. The hospital crews could not give a specific answer to the furious lady who is ranting inside the establishment.

The furious lady even cursed the health workers and other staff due to the incident. “Ospital walang doktor, ospital walang doctor? Nasaan yung katarungan ditto…nahihirapan na yung pinsan ko,” the woman lamented.

The video has a caption of:

Viral issue dahil wala daw doctor.

The online community expressed their reactions to the incident:

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