Lady Vendor Rants After Katutubo Sells Products Near Her Stall

Video of Lady Vendor Expressing Rage After Katutubo Sells Products Near Her Stall Elicits Criticisms

A lady vendor rants and expressed fury after the authorities refused to remove the “katutubo” vendors selling near her stall.

The Facebook page “SIRBISU Channel” has shared the video footage of a raging lady vendor who loses her control after indigenous people sell their products beside her spot. The video goes viral and garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that the female vendor is expressing her fury towards the katutubo vendors for selling beside her stall. The raging woman wanted to remove the indigenous vendors near her stall.

Lady Vendor

However, the barangay officials refused to grant her request to show sympathy and consideration towards the less-fortunate katutubo. The lady insist her rights and even criticized the officials.

The officers told the woman not to halt the indigenous vendors or else she will face license revocation. The katutubo vendors just wanted to sell their products and earn a little amount for their families.

The netizens lambasted the lady vendor for her act of cruelty against the katutubo vendors and for being greedy. The Facebook users criticized the woman for being selfish and not sharing space towards others.

Here is the full post:

“MINAMALIIT ANG MGA KATUTUBONG MANININDA? : Viral ang video na ito ng isang babae na nagrereklamo dahil nasa kanyang puwesto ang mga katutubong manininda. Panoorin at ano ang masasabi ninyo?”

Lady Vendor

The social media users expressed their reactions to the video:

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