Leni Supporters Viral After Because Of “Lugaw Kits”

LUGAW KITS – Supporters of Vice President Leni Robredo’s presidential candidacy went viral for their “Lugaw Kits”.

As the 2022 elections creep closer, supporters of political parties do what they can to help their candidates win. In the past few weeks, several candidates held motorcades, caravans, and other activities.

However, some choose to show support in a simpler way. Thus, the “Lugaw Kits” were formed. Throughout Leni’s stint as VP, she was ridiculed and called “Leni Lugaw”.

Leni Lugaw Kits Went Viral On Social Media

But, she and her supporters transformed the name-calling into something positive. Now, food drives offering lugaw to the public has become one of Leni’s signatures.

As such, her supporters also gave out lugaw. One of which offered packs of lugaw worth P15. According to the sellers, these kits can feed 3 to 4 people.

Inside the back, you’d have the malagkit rice, flavorings, and patis. But, these kits elicited various comments from netizens online.

May be an image of 1 person
May be an image of food and text

Here are some of the comments netizens had regarding the lugaw kits.

Meanwhile, other supporters of Leni think that the intention was good but the execution was bad. “Kung ako gumawa nyan, namigay na lang ako ng 1 kilong bigas per household. Sayang sa gas ang ganyan kahit binigyan mo pa ng 5 packs.”, said one supporter.

Furthermore, the netizen added that there’s too much plastic waste that’s being produced to sell the lugaw kits.

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