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Netizens commend Alexa Ilacad and her reaction after Eian Rances walked out while they’re still talking.

ALEXA ILACAD – PBB housemate Eian Rances walked out on Alexa Ilacad while they’re still talking and many viewers did not like what he did.

Inside the Pinoy Big Brother house, housemates are housed together for over 100 days. An ideal result of talking to and seeing the same people every day for a long time, there will be one particular person who will be remarkable to someone and that will leave them liking or falling in love with each other. And that’s what happened to Alexa Ilacad and Eian Rances.

Alexa and Eian
Photo grabbed on Youtube

Eian admits he likes Alexa but it looks like he cannot elevate things yet because there are some points in their character and personality that he thinks would only clash. He opened up to other housemates that he did not like how caring Alexa is towards him. However, it’s seen that even from the start, Alexa has always been caring for all of them, it’s just that his case is a bit sensitive because she likes him as well.

And just recently, clearing things up because there’s a rising tension between them, they sat down outside for a talk. In the conversation, Eian became honest and upfront in saying that he did not like her actions especially the times when she would offer her unsolicited comforting.

Alexa Ilacad
Photo grabbed on Youtube

Alexa ask him about his snap at her when she attempted to comfort him while he accepted the one that came from the other housemates. She could not understand why he has to do that when what she just wanted to do is to make him feel better. Eian said, “Kasi nasa perfect timing sila mag-comfort. At ayoko ng kino-comfort ako na parang ginagawa akong bata at ayoko ng paulit-ulit ka.”

In the conversation, she was attempting to explain to him her intentions but he would always cut off her statements and start all the talking. Alexa did not completely have the chance to explain herself because he would always cut her off. He’s busy talking and expressing his feelings and emotions while he failed to listen to her.

Eian Rances
Photo grabbed on Youtube

Eian also had these vague statements about his confusion over her actions. He honestly told her about not knowing anymore if her reactions are true or she’s just acting for the sake of something. But Alexa was smart enough to understand what he’s talking about. She easily grasp the idea and she was quick to figure out the accusations.

Despite the offensive words and hurtful statements, Alexa handled the situation like a real boss and a real mature woman.

Here’s how a short of the whole conversation went:

Eian: “Hindi ko alam kung kailan ka totoo, kailan hindi.”

Alexa: “That is so offensive. Tingin mo gumagawa ako ng love team?

Eian: “Siguro”

Alexa: “So do you think ginagamit lang kita?”

[Eian walks out]

Alexa: “Sandali. Ang bastos kausap.”

Watch the video below:

And here are the comments of the netizens:

I feel so sad for Alexa. She handled the situation calmly kahit sobra nasasaktan na sya.

Ang feeling ni Eian grabe… Napaka feeling, OMG… Go Alexa…

WAIT LANG, SAAN BA GALING TONG SI EIAN? Paano po siya naging celebrity?

I’m not her fan but Kudos to her maturity. She’s a strong woman and deserves respect.

Alexa is a mature and educated person. She knows how to respect people even if she’s getting hurt.

Alexa is 21 and Eian is 28. Grabe talaga maturity ni Alexa you’re so brave and you deserve better


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