Here’s the intense confrontation of Karen Bordador and TJ Valderrama in the reality show.

KAREN BORDADOR – PBB housemate Karen Bordador faces TJ Valderrama and expressed how his pessimist attitude offends her.

One of the celebrity housemates of PBB Kumu is Karen Bordador. She just got acquitted after many years of being inside the prison. Before she got caught up in a buy-bust operation, she was a thriving radio DJ, host, and model. It was in the year 2016 when she and her boyfriend got detained and charged with possession and sale of illegal substances. 

After many years, she has proven her innocence and in the reality show, she showed how much her life has changed inside the prison. She opened up about her experience. Despite everything, she knows she can walk upright because she is innocent and she has proven it right in front of the court.

Inside the house, she is among the strongest housemates and many people can see her traits fit to be included in the Big 4. And just recently, since this is a reality show, she truthfully and fearlessly confronted a fellow housemate because of his attitude towards her while they were doing the challenge – TJ Valderrama.

She could not help but confront him over his reactions to their weekly task. There were accordingly times where he shows disappointment over teammates who could not get the game right and such moments irked her because they are a part of the same group.

“I know you’re trying to be the team leader, but that’s not how you do it, dude, especially if we’re playing a game,” she told TJ. Defending his reactions, TJ stressed to her how crucial their task is. He responded, “Dude, I’m not perfect, okay? I make a lot of mistakes as you can see, quite obviously. It was intense and I know what’s on the line also.”

Their discussion went on inside the bedroom. People commended how Karen maturely handled the situation and her emotions.

Karen Bordador and TJ Valderrama

Karen: “You know that it’s crucial na we’re playing a game, alam mo iyon? Gets mo ba, ‘tapos even sa harap ng maraming tao, magdyu-joke ka na parang, ‘Si Karen, hindi makakuha ng points,’ parang ganun iyong effect. So paano ako mae-encourage na makakapagbigay ng…”

TJ: “I thought we were comfortable already—same food group, same era, we always joke about that so I felt comfortable with you, and I was like, ‘Okay, she’s my girl, I can joke around like this with her.'”

She also called him a pessimist because they are already at a disadvantage and his actions contribute to their low spirits. Karen said, “Lalo na, lagi mong sinasabi, super baldado tayo, super waley na waley iyong grupo na ito, sobrang negatron na nga yung sitwasyon, e! Sobrang pessimist mo talaga.”

Watch the video below:

And here are some of the comments:

The way Karen speaks to him, you can really tell that she’s not afraid to say what’s in her mind. No pretension.

Napaka genuine ni Karen dito. Maturity at its finest at sobrang galing mag handle ng situations and to solve problems. Im rooting for her.

I hate confrontations because they always end up badly. But this, I love so much. Best confrontation ever in the history of PBB.

Sobrang tama lahat sinasabi ni karen at gusto nyang maglaro na fair.

I really love Karen’s personality. Go Karen I’m rooting for you too.

Galing ni Karen mag handle ng situation


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