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Invasive Trees That Smell Like Rotting Fish Gets Bounty

TREES SMELL LIKE ROTTING FISH – Obviously, trees provide humans with so many benefits. However, nature can often throw humans a curve ball when it comes to its creations.

A fast growing invasive species of tree called the Bradford Pear is a popular ornament in South Carolina. But, because of its awful smell and quick growth rate, it could harm the natural landscape.

Now, South Carolina is experiencing a severe invasion of the tree. As such, officials are planning to ban the sale of the tree by 2024. Furthermore, they would also offer a bounty for those who can cut the trees down.

Trees Smell Like Rotting Fish, Officials Paying Bounty To Cut Them Down

According to an article from WGME, the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry said:

There are reports of it escaping and a report out of Portland five years ago indicated it had been found in some natural areas there…

People planted it because of those early white blooms. What they did not realize is that those blossoms smell horrible. It has a lot of negatives.

Callery pear - Invasive Plants Association of Wisconsin

But, smell isn’t the only issue. The tree apparently has a weak structure. Because of this, it couldn’t handle heavy loads of snow or ice fall. This meant that it could be a hazard as falling trees and branches could pose dangers to motorists and residential areas.

Along with this, the tree also provides no food for animals at it is not naturally found in the area. “If people have one and are concerned about its potential for escaping and causing problems to the Maine ecosystem they can remove it“, the officials added.

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