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Policeman Shoots Elderly From Behind 9 Times

POLICEMAN SHOOTS ELDERLY – A police officer brutally kills a defenseless elderly man riding on a motorized wheelchair.

A gruesome scene took place near a Lowe’s store after a police officer killed a 61-year-old man. Reportedly, the elderly man was allegedly shoplifting.

As such, officer Ryan Remington, along with his partner, responded to the scene. Upon arriving, Remington saw the 61-year-old man identified as Lee Richards.

Policeman Shoots Elderly In Motorized Wheel Chair 9 Times (Viral Video)

Remington approached Richards and told him not to go inside the store. However, Richards continued going in with his motorized wheelchair.

Richards was facing away from the officers when the cops instructed him to stop. Because of this, Remington shot Richards from behind 8 times. And, after the 9th, Richards fell on the ground.

Then, the police officer cuffed him after putting 9 bullets in his body. Here is the viral video:

Here are some of the comments:

What the F…. he emptied the magazine on the old man then tries to twist his arm to handcuff him after he puts 9 holes into him ….

It’s insane that he fired that many shots, and he wasn’t even shooting that fast. The last shot is nothing short of murder even if you find a way to justify the first 2-3, and I don’t see how you can justify those either.

Shortly after Richards fell to the ground, he was pronounced dead.

Richards allegedly stole a toolbox from Walmart. Due to the incident, Remington was fired from the Tucson Police Department.

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