Former Street Beggar Becomes Admin Staff After Receiving Treatment

Former Street Beggar Goes Viral After He Becomes Admin Staff in Rehabilitation Center After Receiving Treatment

A former street beggar becomes an admin staff of an addiction treatment facility after receiving medical treatment.

A former street beggar who suffered from a mental disorder due to drug addiction becomes an administrative staff of SafeHaven Addition Treatment and Recovery Village after receiving proper treatment and medication.

The beggar identified as Kuya Berta goes viral for fluently speaking in English. He is a former teacher, volleyball player and catechist before suffering from a mental illness due to drug addiction.

Former Street Beggar

The former teacher got addicted to illegal drugs due to bad relationship experience. Since then, he became a beggar or ‘palaboy’ for over 20 years or two decades.

In 2020, a vlogger discovered Kuya Berta because of his amazing communication skills especially in speaking English language. The vlogger asked Safehaven Addiction Treatment and Recovery Village to help the latter.

Former Street Beggar

Kuya Berta underwent medical treatment for a year and became an administrative staff of SafeHaven. The staff is staying at the facility to work but he used to visit his family once in a while.

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The rehabilitation center also hailed Kuya Berta as Ambassador of Hope because of his inspiring story. His story may serve as an inspiration to everyone especially to those who were losing hope in life.

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