Cops Arrest Minor After Conspiring w/ Cellphone Snatcher in Manila

Police Authorities Arrest Minor For Allegedly Conspiring w/ Cellphone Snatcher

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – The police authorities arrested a minor after conspiring with a cellphone snatcher in España Boulevard, Manila.

The CCTV footage at Barangay 454, Sampaloc caught the guy in white t-shirt monitoring the flow of traffic in the area. After a few moments, the guy went close to a jeepney and snatched the mobile phone of a passenger.

The snatcher immediately run after performing his illegal activity and successfully escaped. However, the cops were able to arrest a minor who conspired with the cellphone snatcher. The latter was arrested through the help of a boy asking alms from jeepney passengers.

Cellphone Snatcher

The police authorities arrested the 17-year-old suspect but the latter denied that he conspired with the snatcher. Eventually, the boy admitted his crime after seeing the CCTV footage showing him having a conversation with the snatcher before the incident.

Barangay 454 captain Ronald Ryan Bringas said that the minor confessed his involvement on the crime. The lady complainant got mad and slapped the suspect.

“Noong huli, umamin bumulong sa akin sabi niya ano chairman kasama talaga ako, so inamin niya so narinig nung complainant, ayun nagalit kaya pinagsasampal siya ng babae,” Bringas said.

The cops were able to recover the victim’s mobile phone. The minor called someone on the phone and someone went to the police station to surrender the stolen phone. The guy has been detained at Sampaloc police while the snatcher was at large.

Cellphone Snatcher

The authorities believe that the snatcher is related to other suspects involved on snatching incidents along Manila.

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