PCG Officer Chases Snatcher, Return Stolen Phone to Victim Earned Praise

PCG Officer Goes Viral After He Chases Snatcher and Return Stolen Phone to Victim

An officer of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) earned praise online after he chases a snatcher and returns the mobile phone stolen from the victim.

The PCG marshal, who was off-duty on that day, did not hesitate to assist a woman in Ayala, Makati, who had been robbed by a snatcher. The heroic PCG marshal was identified as PCG/ASN Aljohn Gamul, according to the Facebook post.

PCG Officer Chases Snatcher
Image Source: IACT Facebook

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IACT Team Dragon Marshal Gamul was on his way home from work and had just gotten off a bus in Ayala when he noticed the occurrence, according to a Facebook post from the Inter-Agency Council for Traffic (IACT). Without hesitation, marshal Gamul pursued the snatcher who quickly fleeing.

The chase apparently lasted over half an hour, with Gamul stopping at several alleys only to pursue the snatcher. The snatcher apparently became exhausted during the chase and simply tossed the smartphone to him, where Gamul was pursuing. The PCG marshal seized the victim’s cellphone and returned it to him right away.

Meanwhile, the Facebook post has gone viral, eliciting a variety of responses from the online community. The internet lauded PCG Marshal for his bravery and praised him for not hesitating to assist a person in need.

Meanwhile, two “akyat bahay” thieves failed in their robbery attempt after a guard dog surprised them upon entering their victim’s house. A family security dog did an excellent job when he chased down two burglars who broke into the house while the owners were sleeping.

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