Pinoy Big Brother: Anji and KD’s Friendship Before The Rejection

Trending online are Anji and KD of Pinoy Big Brother because of their emotional confrontation.

PINOY BIG BROTHER – Anji Salvacion and KD Estrada are trending and even before the rejection, here’s how close they actually are to each other.

PBB opened for its 10th season for celebrity housemates and just recently, two of the 16 housemates have made public shocked and left them with a broken heart because of their confrontation. It was about their feelings and Anji, who knows what she wants, settled things with KD and brought up to him that she’s aware of his feelings. To clear her head and ease up her burden, she went direct to the point to him and straightly said that there will never be a chance.

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Pinoy Big Brother, Anji and KD

Anji clarified that she cannot reciprocate his feelings and people understood Anji’s point by setting the boundaries between her and KD. But for KD, he admitted that he hasn’t moved on yet. He also confessed that he’s doing something to win her back but Anji cut him short saying, “There will never be a chance.”

Anji set things straight in case there’s a misunderstanding about their relationship. She sees him as a friend and she already lost the feelings she had for him way back. She cares for him as a friend and assured him that they will remain be. KD accepted and respected her decision and even apologized to her for going through it all while being with him.

See a bit from their conversation below:

KD: “Can you at least tell me why we can’t?”

Anji: “You know why? It’s because this is not… this is not what I came here for.”

KD: “I know.”

Anji: “Because I don’t want pala to have this kind of relationship.”

KD: “What kind of relationship?”

Anji: “This thing that you’re giving to me. That you want us to be. I don’t like it that way. I’m sorry. But I really have to say it to you because I saw that you’re not moving on.”

Meanwhile, check out some of their moments below:

How it all started between them inside the house.

When Anji comforted him assuring him that she will always be with him and will stay as a friend.

Some of their sweetest moments.

When other housemates thought they’re twins.


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