Teacher Apologizes Over Viral TikTok Video “Katuwaan Lang”

Teacher on Viral TikTok Video Issues Apology and Explains “Katuwaan Lang”

The male teacher in viral TikTok video, which allegedly promotes ‘Child Abuse’ has finally issued an apology and explained “Katuwaan Lang”.

Last week, the TikTok video of a teacher dancing while the caption “Pag dumaan ang cute na student mo” appears on the screen immediately spread like a wildfire online. The teacher appears to be showing off just to apparently attract the attention of his “cute” student. 

The Department of Education (DepEd) Sec. Leonor Briones ordered the director of DepEd Central Luzon to investigate the viral teacher because of his viral video that allegedly suggest potential.

The TikTok account “leobondoclopez” uploaded the video but the teacher’s name remained hidden. The educator has also changed his account to private after receiving criticisms and negative reactions from the netizens.

DepEd also reminded teaching and non-teaching personnel to be responsible of their actions and always promote useful learning environment for the students.

Recently, Teachers’ Dignity Coalition lauded the Education Department for its move to investigate the viral teacher. The group said that the educator has already issued an apology for his actions and explained it was just made for fun.


“Naglabas na ng apology yung ating teacher po dito at sinabi niyang yon ay katuwaan lang,” Benjo Basas of Teachers’ Dignity Coalition said.

However, Basas said that the agency will not tolerate such behavior that insinuates a potential child abuse action. The teacher could also face corresponding sanctions and penalties because of his actions.

“Kaya nga po sabi namin ay kinakailangan naman talaga itong paalalahanan at nang makita po natin kung ano yung intention kasi mahirap naman i-establish ‘no but of course sa child abuse, hindi naman kailangan ng intention ‘no, basta meron pong perceived at yun nga potential abuse na pwedeng makita ang otoridad or yung offended party if ever ay, child abuse would exist.” Basas added.

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