PBB sheds light on Albie Casino ADHD condition which he shared with Kuya shortly after entering the house.

ALBIE CASINO ADHD – Actor Albie Casino admits ADHD condition and PBB finally sheds light on this matter to further understand his situation.

In a previous article, celeb housemate Albie Casino confesses to living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, a neurodevelopmental condition. And somehow, during his stay inside the house, his snaps and tendencies lead to conflicts between other housemates. When something triggers him, his tendency is to shout at them and some housemates, in order not to worsen the situation, choose to favor him.

Albie Casino

And in by means of favoring him, it creates distance but it was never with the intention of isolating him. The distance lets him cool down and get things ironed out again. In the recent episode of Pinoy Big Brother, Albie opened up that he’s feeling like he’s just a guest in a family other housemates have built already. It is because he was among the housemates who entered late in the show.

Adult housemates like TJ Valderrama and Karen Bordador led the talks about understanding him and his condition. They spearheaded conversations that resulted in resolutions. Some of them already reached out to him as he also reached out to others. He opened up about his behavior to Kuya and expressed that his lack of exercise was a contributing factor.

Albie Casino

In the Friday episode, a vital episode, “PBB’s” in-house psychologist-psychiatrist Randy Dellosa explained the condition in detail. He said, “Sa taong may ADHD, anything na nakakainis sa kaniya may trigger anger. So kahit maliit na bagay na kinaiinisan niya, puwedeng lumiyab ‘yung anger na ‘yun. That’s the emotional dysregulation ng ADHD.”

According to the expert, this is also tied up to impulsivity where they tend to act out whatever they think or feel. Dellosa added that the best time to talk to him is the moment he calms down and be less reactive to his impulses and extreme behaviors.

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Ngayon ko lang narerealize na ang galing ni Karen as a housemate. I truly admire her na. ❤️

This is the reason why Big Brother invited Albie to live in his house. For the people to understand about his condition(ADHD). Instead of judging him, why not understand him. 💕💕💕

That’s why siguro sinali ni kuya si Albie para rin aware tayo at syempre para ma improve rin ni Albie kung ano pa ang dapat iimprove.

I hope ma educate yung mga housemates sa mga ganitong issues ADHD ni Albie at depression ni KD. Para maging malawak yung mga understanding nila.


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