Albie Casino Peanut Butter War vs. Alexa, Rants About Her Attitude

The peanut butter war of Albie Casino and Alexa Ilacad was trending and actor frustrated over other issues.

ALBIE CASINO – Netizens left abuzz of Albie Casino and Alexa Ilacad’s peanut butter war and how transparent the actor is as a housemate.

Pinoy Big Brother is a reality show and actor Albie Casino, one of the housemates, is playing no games when it comes to showing how real he is. He’s so transparent and just recently, he ranted about the attitude of Alexa Ilacad. To recall, before entering the house, he expressed excitement to see her inside the house. She’s the one he’s closest to because they were able to work together on some projects.

However, while inside the house, some things just don’t go well between the two of them. What’s been trending is their peanut butter war. Alexa is insisting to have a small jar of it but Albie was hesitant. He’s being practical over his reasons because a jar of peanut butter already costs a chicken and he thinks that chicken is more important than the spread.

They had a small argument about this. It all started with a discussion on the housemates’ weekly budget. They have a certain amount each week wherein they should fit a week-long supply within it. Albie strongly disagreed about peanut butter being a part of the grocery list and even stated he will fight someone for that.

Madam Inutz justified, “No, because pinaghirapan din kasi nila iyong pera na iyan,” referring to the effort the housemates exerted to win their weekly task.”

TJ Valderrama seconded Madam Inutz’s justification. They were telling him to let others be and a jar of peanut butter won’t probably hurt. They can all have it actually and regard it as a treat for themselves for their hardship and sacrifices inside the house.

Albie opened up the matter to Eian and told him “next time ko na babawian iyon”. He also aired his dislike about Alexa’s attitude and ranted about her hiding the food. He said, “Medyo ayoko kung paano siya umasta dito sa bahay. Hindi niya bahay ito, kailangan niyang alalahanin iyan. Ano, porke’t matagal na siya sa industriya, ganyan siya umasta?”

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i actually like albie bcs he’s so transparent he just acts really natural compared to some housemates that are being fake af

Albie ain’t playing games here men…this is a reality show ! This is reality!

Albie is on point. Eian forgot about how Alexa treated him on their first few days? Medyo baliktaran. 🤧

Food deprivation is a good tactic to bring the worst out of man. When we are hungry, we are angry.


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