PBB Season 10: Celeb Housemates Talk About Albie’s Situation

Celeb housemates of PBB Season 10 talk about Albie and how to adjust to his situation.

PBB SEASON 10 – Celebrity housemate Albie Casino is living with ADHD and his fellow housemates talk about him and how to adjust to him.

In a previous article, one of the celebrity housemates, Albie Casino, admitted that he is living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, a neurodevelopmental condition. His outlet in order to manage his behavior is through working out the reason why he spends a lot of time sweating. He confessed, “Dahil po sa condition ko — meron po kasi akong ADHD — ‘yung utak ko, ang dami niyang iniisip palagi. Pag nakakapag-exercise ako, I’m in the moment na, ‘Walang ibang importante ngayon, except itong workout na ‘to.’”


PBB opened for its 10th season and it gathered housemates who are famous in various fields. And now that they have been living together for quite a time now inside the house, they are slowly getting to know each other. However, there are some behaviors they have shown that their fellow housemates did not like.

For an instance, some housemates talked about the strong personality of Alexa Ilacad. Her strong characteristics appeared to be bossy to some of her housemates. They also did not like her trait of hiding her own food and being “walang pake”.

Celeb housemates also noticed Albie’s strong personality which he is actually known of. Albie, as a housemate, is not someone who will back down to whatever argument. Also, he speaks his mind whenever he sees something that is not aligned with what he thinks is right.

And such was noticed by the other housemates. They described his behavior as “pitik” whenever something triggered him. Being aware of his attitude and behavior, housemates talked about adjusting to his situation so that nothing will trigger him.

Brenda said, “Ano siya… sala sa init, sala sa lamig. Kanina nga galit siya sa akin dahil sa 45 minutes pagkatapos ako naman kinakausap niya. Di ko alam kung saan ako mag-aadjust.”


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