Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay Life With Elias w/o Yaya In Latest Vlog

In a vlog, Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay show their life taking care of Elias.

ELLEN ADARNA – Famous celeb couple Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay share their life as they take care of Elias without his yaya.

Engaged couple Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay are now living together in the actor’s house with their children. Derek’s son is with his mother while Ellen’s toddler, Elias, is with them. Elias is the son of the actress with John Lloyd Cruz and they are currently working a healthy co-parenting relationship for the sake of their son’s welfare.


Elias also grew closer to his Tito Derek. The couple is engaged and set to marry each other this year. They always share updates on social media. Apart from life updates, they also share the random moments they do on their random days, and in their latest vlog, they shared their life with Elias who has no yaya.

In the video, Ellen showed how hands-on she is a mother to Elias. She attends to his every need, plays with him, makes him eat, spends a meal with him, and does other activities. She’s literally with her toddler most of the time. The video also showed how close Derek is to the child. They play together, talk to him, and he dearly treats Elias like his own child which is something many people admire about him.

Watch the video below:

And here are some of the comments:

I love how Derek loves Elias like his own the love is genuine. 😊

I love Elias, he is so adorable

Cute ni baby Elias❤️ her Mommy Ms. Ellen are gorgeous. Nice bonding while playing with Derek. Keep it and stay safe

Elias must have his own channel so cuteeeeeeeeeeee

Ang cute and sweet tingnan ni Elias At Tito Derek Mag Bonding 🤣💖Nakakatuwa

Meanwhile, in a previous article, Derek reveals that Elias is their ring bearer. He also wouldn’t mind if Ellen decides to invite John Lloyd to their wedding. He also said that they are doing well as co-parents for Elias.


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