Elisse Joson, McCoy De Leon Opens Up About Split Before

Celeb couple Elisse Joson and McCoy De Leon speak about their breakup.

ELISSE JOSON – This is the story of Elisse Joson and McCoy De Leon during the time that they are no longer together and before getting back together.

Celebrities Elisse Joson and McCoy De Leon have quite a love story although nothing much has been shared with the public about it. Just like normal couples do, they also encounter hurdles in their relationship that will test their love for each other and there was a phase that they really gave up each other. They were apart for a year after they called it quits but eventually, they still found each other and got back together. Now, what did happen to them in one year that they are apart?


In the latest vlog of the actress, they talked about it in a heart-to-heart conversation during their date night. McCoy admitted that despite seeing she’s worth fighting for, there was a time that he gave up. Elisse described their breakup as “malala” because they are intentionally not talking to each other. They are literally not on speaking terms which indicated that what happened was a bit of a bad breakup.

The couple confirmed that they reconciled in July this year. Elisse asked him if it ever came to a point in him that he hated her after the split. McCoy honestly expressed that he was mad but not at her. He was mad over the situation. De Leon said, “Hindi directed sa ‘yo. Na-hate ko ‘yung isang tao kasi sobrang mahal ko…Kasi kung hindi ka naman importante sa akin, kahit anong gawin mo sa akin wala akong pakielam. Gets mo?” 


They did not talk about the details of their split but it seems like McCoy was the one who walked out of it. And for this reason, Elisse admitted that he resented him. She felt betrayed and left behind because of what he did at that time. She expected him to stay and not give up. She thought he would never leave but he still did.

The couple opted not to disclose any details about their split because they are more at peace being that way. And to what they have now, they can say that this one feels more real and a whole lot different than what they have before.

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Totoo nga yung kasabihan na love is sweeter the second time around. I think na mas tumibay kayo dahil sa dinanas nyo.

I just realized na doon sa one year na break sila narealize nila na di nila kaya na wala yung isa’t isa😭❤️

Napagod at sinukuan ka man noon binalikan at ipinaglaban ka naman ngayon Elisse. Ikaw na. ❤😊🥺😍

I love them! Medyo malabo yung audio hehe! But so kilig!


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