Elisse Joson Reveals Things She Discovered In McCoy After First Travel

These are the things Elisse Joson discovered in her boyfriend after travelling with him.

ELISSE JOSON – After their first travel, actress Elisse Joson had these things discovered about her boyfriend McCoy De Leon.

Together again are McCoy De Leon and Elisse Joson. They have rekindled their romance prior to the pandemic and they chose to be low-key about it. They did not make a big fuss about it and what their past has made him realized is that he can make it right this time. He has become a better person and this time, he will do better as well.


Although they were silent about their reconciliation, they were actually dropping hints already as early as August 2020. To recall, they joined the reality show Pinoy Big Brother in 2016 and that was where they met. The last on-screen pairing was the 2019 romance movie Sakaling Maging Tayo. They ended their relationship in mid-2018 and are now back together and better than they were before.

In a previous article, he has this cryptic statement when asked about her mother who was accused before as the reason why they broke up, “Ang masasabi ko lang, lahat naman tayo, tumatanda. Siguro, may timing, may panahon din. Siyempre, nandun pa rin po ang malaking respeto ko po.”


They previously battled long distances but the key to why it all worked out is consistency in terms of communication, understanding, faith, and trust. And now that Elisse is back in the Philippines, they did their first travel together. They escaped to a beach and Elisse documented their activities during their vacation.

The couple went to Boracay and had the best time of their lives. Towards the end of the vlog of Elisse, she was able to come up with some realizations. She now believes that you also get to know someone you’re with through traveling. Going places together will show you how your partner reacts to certain situations, his likes and dislikes, and other things.


And now that they traveled together for the first time, she discovered three things about her boyfriend. First, he strictly follows what was set and planned. Then, she also found out that what he hated the most about beach travel is the feeling of stickiness. This is accordingly the reason why they cannot stay or walk for long on the beachside because a little feeling of stickiness will make him want to take a bath right away.

And lastly, even on vacation, he still wants some chill time in their room which is unlike her who wants to spend time doing adventure and make the most out of everything.

Watch their video below:


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