Kylie Padilla Mother Slams Cristy Fermin Anew, Dugs Up Her Past Issues

Liezl Sicangco, mother of Kylie Padilla, continues tirades against Cristy Fermin.

KYLIE PADILLA – Mother of Kylie Padilla continues to slam reporter Cristy Fermin and shared her past issues before in her new posts.

Liezl Sicangco is the mother of Kylie Padilla. As a mother, amid all the rude remarks about her daughter, she stood up and defended her. In a previous article, she wished for Aljur Abrenica and AJ Raval to be together forever. She shared an edited wedding photo where AJ’s face replaces the face of Kylie. It has a sarcastic caption along with her tirades against Cristy Fermin who was firm about her daughter being the one who cheated first.

“Sana ganon din yung source ni cristy. Tama na bitterness nakaka wrinkles. Move on [victory hand emoji],” she wrote in her caption. To recall, in a deleted post, Kylie slammed the veteran TV reporter for implying that she is a cheater. The 28-year-old actress told her to grow and advised her to see her own faults first before judging other people.

However, Liezl is seemingly not yet over to what Fermin has done to her daughter. In another post, she lambasted her anew and dug up some of her past issues. It included the part where Fermin got convicted over her libelous claims against Annabelle Dela Rama and Eddie Gutierrez. The guilty verdict happened in 2008 and Fermin was ordered to pay Php 1million in damages and Php 6,000 in fines to the couple.

Liezl Sicangco, Kylie Padilla
Photo grabbed on IG

The said monetary penalty will bail her out. Also, Liezl dug up the issues that devastated the career of promising actor Hero Angeles. Fermin wrote an article about him and his brother which prompted them to file libel charges against her. Such has caused her suspension in ABS-CBN.

Liezl also shared a photo of Nadia Montenegro. To recall, Montenegro hurled blame and accusations at the columnist. She accused her of trying to ruin her reputation by spreading false stories about her life. She lost a friend because of Fermin and hinted then that Fermin is asking for money in exchange for good publicity. Nadia even stressed before that having been found guilty of libel ultimately loses her credibility as a reporter.

Liezl Sicangco, Kylie Padilla
Photo grabbed on IG


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