Kylie Padilla Wants To Talk To AJ Raval, This Is What She Wants To Tell Her

This is what Kylie Padilla would want to tell AJ Raval, the rumored girlfriend of her estranged husband.

KYLIE PADILLA – Kapuso actress Kylie Padilla breaks her silence in a formal interview following the accusatory statements of her husband.

Aljur Abrenica has shared and deleted afterwards a “breaking silence post” which became viral. It contained statements accusing his wife Kylie Padilla as the one who cheated first and wrecked their family. He dared her to speak the truth but later on, he deleted his post that stirred controversy and explained that it was done out of impulse following the critical comments thrown against him.

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And following the statements that shocked Kylie knowing the agreement they talked about, she also spoke in a formal interview with Jessica Soho. She believes she has a say because she’s a part of the marriage and the accusations thrown at her by her husband were unfair. She stressed in the interview that she did not cheat and never had any extra-marital relationships while they were still together.

All she knows during the latter months before they separated is that they are both not happy anymore. She confirmed that he has other women but the separation was fueled because they are not happy with each other. She’s seeking growth as a person and wanted to become a better mother. And the decision to separate was a difficult decision for her to make but something she needed to do for both of them and for their two sons.

Kylie Padilla

And speaking about young actress AJ Raval, Aljur’s rumored new girlfriend, she expressed that she actually wanted to talk to her. What she wanted to do is to offer her help on how to handle the situation both of them are currently in because she’s been through it. She’s been in the same situation and got passed through it.

She clearly knows how confusing being in that situation and how much it can affect one’s mental health. She said, “I wanted to talk to her to help her out na on how to handle it para maiwasan lang yung nangyari ngayon but my help’s not being asked. I’ll not give it na lang.”

Kylie just hoped that they should have been more careful. She insisted that they cannot blame her for all of the bashing because, in the first place, they agreed to let each other see other people. She said, “I wish you guys were more careful. Don’t blame it on me.”


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