Ivana Alawi Makes Many People Cry, Here’s What Happened In Her Vlog

This is the reason why Ivana Alawi went emotional in her vlog and made many people cry.

IVANA ALAWI – Celebrity vlogger Ivana Alawi cried in her vlog’s content after doing this which also made other people cry.

Contents for vlogging of most celebrities consist of their collection of expensive items, unboxing of their recent luxury purchases, a house tour of their huge homes, and among other things. But for Ivana Alawi, her vlog contents went way too far and seemingly set the bar higher for other celebrity vloggers. She is among the fast-rising Youtube stars and with all the blessings she received all throughout, she has her way of giving back.


Disguised as a homeless woman with all the dirt, messy hair, and tattered items of clothing is the celebrity vlogger who is also holding a placard asking for help. She went to random people, mostly the poor ones as she intends to test their goodness and give back in thousands of folds in the form of financial help. In the video, she set a condition where a peso from a stranger will be given back to them in the equivalent of a thousand. She even considered giving a million to those who can donate her a thousand.

Some gave her Php 5.00 which she returned in the amount of Php 5,000.00 and the biggest amount she handed out is to persons who gave her Php 20.00 which is equivalent to Php 20,000.00 for her. What made her emotional is when he met an old man who gave her anything she never asked. Regardless of her dirty face, the kind man saw her helpless situation and gave her money and food to eat. The old man accommodated her and even conversed with her.

Ivana Alawi
Photo grabbed on YouTube

He even agreed if she calls him “tatay” forever and this made her cry. The overall message of the video told the viewers that people who have nothing are the ones who can still actually give something to other people in dire need. And for Ivana, this admirable trait of Filipinos is an indication that we can still rise.

See full video below and get your hearts touched and internalize the inspiring message:


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