Senior Citizen Working as Street Sweeper Passes Away Due to Hit-and-Run

Senior Citizen Working as Street Sweeper Passes Away Due to Hit-and-Run

A senior citizen who is working as a street sweeper in Malabon passes away after she was victimized by hit-and-run.

Over the past few decades, incidents of hit-and-run continue to increase throughout the years. Reckless drivers are the most involved in road accidents and hit-and-run incidents leading to further troubles.

The traffic authorities have advised both motorists and pedestrians to take precautionary measures along the road to avoid any unexpected incidents.

Senior Citizen

On Thursday early morning (September 2, 2021), an elderly woman identified as Erminda Batulan is sweeping along the streets of Malabon City around 2:00 am when a white van accidentally hits her.

The white van did not even stop to check the grandma’s condition and immediately ran away to escape, according to the statement of a witness. The incident left the senior citizen lying on the sidewalk.

The passersby failed to chase the suspect and unable to get the van’s plate number due to the fastness of the incident. The area has no CCTV footage and there is no available record of the actual incident.

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Senior Citizen

Two relatives of the hit-and-run victim arrived on the crime scene and get emotional. However, the two have not yet released a statement regarding the issue. The police authorities also refused to give a statement.

Meanwhile, the cops are still investigating the incident to locate and identify the suspect. The netizens are also hoping that the elderly victim could get the justice she deserved.

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