Young Boy Goes Viral After Giving Free Buko Juice to Exhausted Cyclist

Young Boy Who Gae Free Buko Juice to Exhausted Cyclist Earns Praises Online

A young boy goes viral and earns praises online after giving a free cup of buko juice to an exhausted cyclist.

A netizen named Clark Lynden Canlas has shared the video footage of a young boy identified as John Angel Morales who gave him a free buko juice. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

Initially, Canlas thought that the kid would just ask him for money after approaching him. The boy asked him if he is hungry but he explained that he had no money then Angel decided to treat him.

Young Boy

The two enjoyed drinking buko juice until Clark decided to give Angel money because he was moved by the young kid’s gesture. Canlas also thanked Morales for his kindness and agreed to meet again.

The cyclist expressed his praises and admiration towards the kind boy who treat him a drink to quench his thirst. The heartwarming scene happened along Magalang, Pampanga.

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Young Boy

The 10-year-old boy narrated that he is taking extra jobs at the market as dishwasher to earn money. He also invited Clark to have a milk tea next time.

The boy’s action only proves that everyone could show kindness and lend a helping hand even towards strangers. This story should serve as an inspiration towards every Filipino to help each other during this time of pandemic.

The social media users lauded the kid for his generosity and kindness towards a stranger:

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