The wife of John Estrada reacts to the friendship controversy between Derek Ramsay following the issues of Ellen Adarna.

DEREK RAMSAY – John Estrada and Derek Ramsay cut friendship following the issue of Ellen Adarna and Priscilla Meirelles has this reaction.

John En Ellen lead actor John Estrada and Derek Ramsay are no longer friends and it all started with the issues of Ellen Adarna in the John En Ellen sitcom shoot. She allegedly walked out amid work and such is the “icing on the cake” as per her soon-to-be husband. In a previous article, Derek confirmed that he shut the door already on friendship with Estrada.

As much as many people are aware, they are really good friends. Estrada was one of the reasons why he met Ellen. Also, they have been golf buddies since 2014 and won the Jack Nicklaus International Invitational last 2017. Moreover, they are business partners and produced a mosquito repellent product.

Despite the end of their friendship, Derek wished him well saying, “I wish you well, Bro.”

He was accordingly apologetic and he appreciated that but there are really just certain things he cannot take. He also added after confessing the end of their friendship, “For me, you go on with your life, I’ll go on with my life.”

But it’s different for Priscilla Meirelles, the beauty queen wife of Estrada. She is hopeful that they will still be able to patch things up because she has seen how close tight-bonded they were. She believes that their friendship is genuine and that they will come out better than what has been going around now.

She said as per PEP, “I believe John and Derek have a genuine friendship. They will sort things out eventually. And they are better men than what is going around them.”

In the interview with Ogie Diaz, on the other hand, Derek thinks that they might not be able to return the things that they were like before such as their friendship. Although he’s been really close to Estrada and his family, he felt like there are some things better left as it is. He doesn’t have any ill feelings towards them.

Derek just felt like it’s better that way for everybody. Meanwhile, John remained silent about the matter as of this writing.


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