Raymond Gutierrez Reveals Relationship Status After Coming Out

Here’s what Raymond Gutierrez revealed his current relationship status

Celebrity Raymond Gutierrez talked about the current status of his love life after proudly coming out.

Raymond mustered his courage and shared this personal aspect of his life with the public. After coming out, the TV host has received a lot of support from his friends and netizens.

raymond gutierrez
📷: Mega Entertainment

He is happy to share this information about his real self that has been hard for him in the past. Raymond admitted that being part of a popular showbiz clan, and having a twin actor-host Richard Gutierrez, became a struggle for his preference.

However, he has learned to use his hardships as encouraging factors to improve himself. In a recent interview with Mega Entertainment, Raymond Gutierrez also shared the current status of his love life. Aside from the exciting things when it comes to his career, he is also looking forward to meeting people.

“I’m still very much single but I am talking to a few people. And I think like what I said, I wanna not rush. I wanna take things slow. I’m not in any rush to be partnered up or to get married or have kids or anything like that. A lot of my friends and my family already have that,” the TV host said.


When asked about the qualities of the partner he is looking for, he said, “ I think all the good qualities that a lot of people want; respect, loyalty, for me, a good sense of humor, and good moral values, willing to travel, open-minded, those are the good qualities, I think.”

However, he does not see himself having kids and getting married. Raymond Gutierrez said that he knows how difficult it is to be a parent and he does not think that he is in the stage of wanting to be one.


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