2 Suspects Escaped After Failing to Steal Money From Vending Machine in Cavite

Authorities Fail to Arrest 2 Suspects Who Attempt to Steal Money From Vending Machine in Cavite

Two suspects quickly escaped after failing to steal money from a vending machine at a convenience store in Cavite.

Two thieves failed to steal cash from a vending machine at a convenience store in Brgy. San Nicolas 3, Cavite after a jeepney driver reported them to the authorities. The driver parked in front of a convenience store and caught the suspects.

The CCTV camera in Brgy. San Nicolas 3 recorded the incident. In the video, it can be seen that suspects parked their motorcycle in front of the store and opened the shop’s roll up door using a bolt cutter.

Vending Machine

One of the culprits successfully break into the store’s vicinity and took the money transfer machine. The suspects tried to open the money transfer machine but they’ve failed to open it after few attempts.

The driver contacted his friend identified as Rio Vasquez who is working as a barangay tanod in the area. Vasquez immediately responded even he is off-duty and chased the suspects using his ‘Batuta’.

Unfortunately, Vasquez and the jeepney driver failed to arrest the suspects who were armed. The thieves successfully escaped but failed to get money from the machine, which contains P80, 000.

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The authorities are currently investigating the incident to identify the culprits.

Vending Machine

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