Mayor Vico Sotto Gives This Guy Shoutout for Saving Pasig City from Flood

This Guy Receives Shoutout from Mayor Vico Sotto for Preventing Flood in Pasig City

Mayor Vico Sotto gives this guy a shoutout for saving Pasig City from flooding last Thursday evening (July 23, 2021).

Over the past few days, the residents of Metro Manila and its nearby areas were nervous after the heavy rainfall causes flood in some areas. Typhoon Fabian enhances the southwest monsoon, which brings rains over some parts of the country.

The incessant rain causes water levels at the major waterways to increase. A lot of vehicles and citizens have been stranded due to the floodwaters. The flooding also displaced some of the residents.

Mayor Vico Sotto

Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto release the water level update at Marikina River from 3:00 pm until 8:00 pm. The water reaches about 15 meters on the first alarm but assured the residents that the pumping stations are running.

Marikina River’s water level increase more than a meter in five hours. From 12.67 meters at 3pm it jumps to 13.97 meters at 8pm. If the water level continues to increase, the residents in the low-lying areas have been awakened by flood alarms after 1:00 am on Friday (July 23).

Luckily, Pasig City personnel from monitoring stations, floodgates, and pumping stations worked hard to prevent the city from flooding. Those personnel including a guy named Marvin received a shoutout from the Mayor.

Mayor Vico SottoMayor Vico Sotto

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