Pastor Claims Individuals Who Received COVID-19 Vaccines Can Become Spreaders

Pastor Claims Individuals Who Received COVID-19 Vaccines Can Become Spreaders

A pastor from Bacolod City, Negros Occidental claimed that individuals who received the COVID-19 vaccines can become spreaders.

The Facebook page DNX News has shared the video footage of a pastor claiming vaccinated individuals can become spreaders through “shed off” spike proteins. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

Pastor Emilio Henares of the River of Life church claimed that the people who have received COVID-19 vaccines can become spreaders because of the “shed off” spike proteins that can infect others.


The religious leader explained that he just watched and read the information on social media although it was not still confirmed. He said that the health department claimed zero deaths from the vaccine but cities and municipalities confirmed local deaths.

However, Henares disclaimed “I’m not a doctor i’m just a pastor” but assured the public that he is just saying the truth. He even claimed that the ratio of death tolls from vaccine would be 1:2000.

Emilio claimed that vaccine recipients could still be alive if they refused to get the vaccine. He also mentioned the offer of various governments just to convince the people to get vaccinated.

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The netizens expressed their reactions to the statement:


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