i-ACT Apprehends Overloading Public Jeepneys & Buses in Antipolo

Overloading Public Jeepneys & Buses in Antipolo Apprehended by i-ACT Over Health Protocol Violations

The Inter-Agency Council for Traffic (i-ACT) apprehended the overloading public jeepneys and buses along Masinag Highway in Antipolo.

On Wednesday morning (June 23, 2021), the i-ACT enforcers apprehended over 30 public jeepneys and buses for overloading amid the coronavirus pandemic. Those public utility vehicles allegedly violated the health protocols.

Several vehicle drivers have been caught loading passengers beyond the vehicle’s limit. The enforcers apprehended the violators for not observing the physical distancing measures and not following the one-seat apart policy.

Overloading Public Jeepneys

The enforcers did not allow the PUVs to operate unless they would reduce the number of their passengers. PUVs are only allowed to load 50-percent of the vehicle’s capacity. Aside from overloading, some vehicles have expired registration.

Some drivers and conductors begged the enforcers not to give them citations tickets. The violators explained that just need to load more passengers to earn money.

The drivers who committed overloading violation will be charged with P2,000 fine on first offense, P3,000 for second offense, and P5,000 for the third offense. The passengers who were urged to get off the vehicle waited for at least 10 minutes before finding another PUV.

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Overloading Public Jeepneys Overloading Public Jeepneys Overloading Public Jeepneys

The agency also distribute free face shields to the commuters and pedestrians.

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