4 Residents Save Helpless Man Who Drowned at Beach in Davao City

4 Concerned Residents Save Helpless Man After Drowning at Beach in Davao City

Four residents successfully saved a helpless man who drowned along Times Beach at Matina Aplaya in Davao City.

One of the rescuers identified as Vic Dionesio said that he is hanging out along the seawall of Times Beach, Matina Aplaya in Davao City while waiting for his friends when he saw a commotion in the area.

Dionesio witnessed the incident and decided to help the man who drowned at the beach. The victim is already pale, unconscious and not moving anymore. He decided to help hoping to save the victim.

Helpless Man

The latter used the basic life support he learned before and instructed his colleagues to perform Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). They also called Central 911 to ask for help, which is necessary to save the life of the helpless guy.

A Facebook user named Jemar Mullot has also shared the video footage of how the concerned residents helped to revive the victim. A biker also stopped to help at chest compression until the poor guy regains its consciousness.

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Helpless Man

The man is currently recuperating at the hospital after the residents successfully rescued and revived him.

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