Duterte-Duterte Running Under Same Slate In 2022 Unlikely – Lacson

DUTERTE-DUTERTE – According to Senator Panfilo Lacson a tandem between President Duterte and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio is unlikely to run under the same slate.

As the elections creep in, several parties are pushing for a Duterte-Duterte tandem in 2022. However, the President himself said that he was reluctant to run for a higher post in 2022 and was ready to retire. Furthermore, the President also told his daughter not to run for President.

Still, the push for a continuity of the Duterte administration continues. That being said, Lacson stated that:

The information that is reaching us is that [President] Duterte is running under a different slate from that of Mayor Sara Duterte. It’s Sara and somebody else and then somebody else and President Duterte

Duterte-Duterte Under Same Slate Unlikely Says Lacson

But, Lacson did say that a Duterte-Duterte in Malacañang and the Office of the Vice President could still be a possibility. However, he emphasized that they would not be running under the same slate.

So the possibility that both of them would be elected into office is there but I don’t see the probability of them running together under one ticket“, the Senator added. Back in March, Lacson said that the Philippines won’t be ready for a “Davao-City-like political situation”.

The Philippines is not Davao City. If they can do that in Davao City, I don’t think Filipinos are ready for a Davao City-like political situation or arrangement. I don’t think so“, Lacson said.

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