Isko Moreno on 2022 Elections: “Definitely, I Am Running”

Mayor Isko Moreno Speaks on 2022 Elections

ISKO MORENO – The Manila City Mayor spoke and affirmed that he is “definitely running” in the upcoming 2022 Elections.

It is less than a year now before another election is set to take place in the Philippines. Undeniably, the so-called “election fever” can already be felt now as names of possible candidates cross the surface.

In 2022, another presidential race is set to take place and surveys got several names consistent on the list of the possible bets – one of them is Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno.

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno

Franciso Domagoso in real life, the Manila City Mayor wowed a lot of people with how he leads the capital city. Many admire Mayor Isko who undeniably has a great connection with people from different status of life and who brought visible changes in his city.\

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However, whenever he is asked in interviews, Mayor Isko does not give a definite answer on whether or not he will run for president in the election. He is consistent on stressing the focus to the COVID-19 pandemic and the problems of his city and the country now.

Meanwhile, based on a recent report on ABS-CBN News, Mayor Isko Moreno assured that he is “definitely running” in the 2022 Elections. Speaking to Karen Davila, he did not give details on the specific position he targets and stressed that he will decide on it alone.

Mayor Isko expressed that he will not run for a certain position simply because he is being endorsed by a person or a group. According to him, his decision would depend on whether or not he thinks he can be an option for a post. Based on the report, for now, he is busy fulfilling his job to the people of Manila.

“May obligasyon ako sa mga taga-Maynila. I would rather focus on that until the last day na magdedesisyon ako and I’m going to be fair with our people,” he expressed.

The Manila City Mayor expressed that he is going to be honest to his constituents and he will ask their permission. For now, “whatever it is, it remains to be seen”.

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