North Korea Confiscates Dogs, Turns Them Into Food

North Korea Confiscates Dogs, Says It’s “Tainted” Trend

NORTH KOREA CONFISCATES DOGS – The coronavirus pandemic has left North Korea with a concerning food shortage.

Because of this national issue, the North Korean government decided to offset the food shortage by confiscating pets such as dogs to send to meat shops. According to a report from Chosun, North Korea began with pet dogs owned by rich residents.

The report said authorities have distinguished homes with pet dogs. Afterward, they force families to give up their beloved pets. However, if a family fails to comply, they would forcefully confiscate the pets and put them down.

North Korea Confiscates Dogs, Turns Them Into Food

The ideology behind this act was simple. Others are suffering and hungry while the rich get to own pets who are well fed. As such, the report from Chosun stated authorities saying:

Ordinary people raise pigs and livestock on their porches, but high-ranking officials and the wealthy own pet dogs

Unlike most countries who cherish dogs as pets, North Korea is no stranger to using their meat as food. Pets were either sent to the Korea Central Zoo or sent to restaurants to address the food shortage.

Sadly, North Korea does not have the best animal rights policy. The ideology regarding pets was said to be a Western notion in North Korea. However, the country’s attitude toward pets relaxed when North Korea’s elite started flaunting expensive lapdogs as a status symbol.

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