North Korea Executes Official For Breaking Coronavirus Quarantine

North Korea Executes Trade Official For Going To Public Bath While Under Quarantine

NORTH KOREA EXECUTES OFFICIAL – Amidst the global outbreak of the Wuhan Coronavirus or COVID-19, countries have imposed measures against the virus, however, North Korea takes this to the extreme.

North Korea Executes Official For Breaking Coronavirus Quarantine
Image from: National Post

According to reports from Dong-a Ilbo and the Daily Mail, a North Korean official was executed for going to a public bath while still under quarantine for a suspected case of the coronavirus.

The trade official was arrested and immediately shot after potentially exposing the virus by visiting the public bath. This trade official was placed under quarantine after visiting China.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un had declared Martial Law to enforce the quarantine lockdown. Although North Korea has yet to confirm any cases of the coronavirus, it has taken extreme measures to prevent its spread.

As per the report, the trade official was quarantined under a policy that isolates anyone who had been to China or was in contact with Chinese people. With this, Kim Jong-un vowed to rule by martial law against those who break quarantine.

In addition, another official was reported to have been exiled to a North Korean farm for covering up his travel history to China. This official was reportedly a member of North Korea’s National Security Agency.

Meanwhile, in mainland China, the government changed its metric of counting patients with cases of coronavirus. Yesterday there was an additional 13,840 cases of the virus confirmed in Hubei.

The figure 14,840 already includes both tests confirmed cases and clinically diagnosed patients. With this, the Chinese government explained that it would now be adding “clinically diagnoses cases” in the tally.

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